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Our goals

Reconnect with Nature

We worked hard to deliver a genuine solution where people can blend a life surrounded by nature and have a rich social life (culture, bonds, fulfilling work).

We are strong believers of educating people to new lifestyles via experience-led practices.

Foster community engagement

We promote citizen led activities;

We engage the inhabitants in co-development processes;

We encourage a dialogue across cultures, disciplines, genders and ages;

We put everything in place to give a sense of belonging (and care) to our users and the wider communities around.

Promote collaborative consumption

A drift to a new sustainable way to consume is possible. At the Tiny Village, individual property is ensured to feel well and happy. This is the case for housing. The rest is shared. We think of the entire system to minimize each resource’s idle time. Whenever possible, we de-specialize the resources.

Stay affordable

Finance is being used wisely as a tool to promote home ownership for those who lack this opportunity in our today’s world.

Favor sustainability & diversity

We do believe that The Tiny Village improves the liveability of cities for those who experience them and contributes to climate resilience and a more sustainable use of peri-urban land (mix land use).


We do believe that the Village, in itself, through a new approach to consumption and a vegetable garden is a powerful way to spearhead a shift to more sustainable behaviors and mindsets.


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