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“If you are not willing to risk the usual you will have to settle for the ordinary.” - Jim Rohn

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The Story

While UC Berkeley (California) students, we wanted to escape the city to enjoy the seaside (Santa Cruz) whenever the academic calendar made it possible. Financially we could not afford 2 permanent accommodations (Berkeley and Santa Cruz).

Between Berkeley Housing University Village and Santa Cruz Co-Living solutions, we discovered interesting innovative housing solutions. All of them had their Pros and Cons.

We decided to return to old cozy Europe (Lisbon) to develop a chill solution inspired by our Californian experience. We tried to provide answers to the pain points we experienced while taking extreme care of what is important to us: mother nature and its inhabitants…

We met plenty of awesome, cool, clever, rock’ roll, talented, generous, committed, active, experienced people on the way!

Kids in Vegetable Farm

Corporate Structure / Equity

The Tiny Village’s corporate structure values all individuals within a transparent organization: salaries, ownership, value distribution… All corporate elements are automated events planned in advance and joint decisions. 

People first!

We aim at encouraging the people who do, rather than capital.

For this purpose, we created an innovative shareholder’s structure. Every year, the driving forces who spearheaded The Tiny Village to its next level and generated value (economic, social, environmental…) can be rewarded with equity.

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People first!

We take care of the people and the environment before maximizing our profits.


We believe in the Public Private partnership.

So far, despite our various attempts, we have had hard times partnering with public authorities (!). So even if we are not there yet (!), we believe that by promoting a new way of thinking the city and by spearheading innovative housing solutions, one day, public authorities will move and thanks to their power, all together, we will succeed and make a big step forward to the liveability of cities…

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